More Multiple Monitor Gaming On Linux

My affinity for using multiple monitors started when I was working in finance as a software developer. One of the many things I learned from that experience is that you can’t get any work done if you don’t have at least 3 monitors on your desk. When I’m not working, I like to put all those extra pixels to use by tweaking games on Linux to run at a 5760×1080 resolution across 3 displays. It’s a weird hobby I know, and until the last few years a pretty unproductive one as well. Lately Steam has been releasing games for Linux like crazy, and quite a few work with this setup. This is a follow-up to my original post on the topic, and includes an additional 12 games you might find interesting.

Civilization 5

civ5This is a great simulation game. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is one of my all time favorites. I still have a Windows XP VM just for playing it floating around somewhere. Civ 5 is all that Alpha Centauri was and so much more. Really loving this game so far. It basically works flawlessly across 3 screens, the only annoyance being textures sometimes are slow to update if you pan around really fast.

Bioshock Infinite bioshockThis is my first Bioshock title and I’m impressed. The story line is engrossing, and weird as heck. It won’t run full screen at this resolution, but it does support a “windowed full screen mode” that is part full screen, part windowed, and works great across 3 screens. Performance would be better with real full screen support, but with a single Nvidia 980GTX the game plays pretty smoothly with high (but not ultra high) settings.

Deadfall Adventures deadfallThis game has incredible graphics, but it’s been hard to progress very far because of frequent lock ups and crashes. Hopefully things will continue to improve since it’s a good-looking first person adventure game. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Dying Light dying_lightThis game is a very cool first person zombie shooter parkour adventure thing. The graphics are amazing, so much so that I have to turn all the knobs to low in order for it to be playable – and even then the frame-rate is barely passable. I may have to dig into the configuration manually to see what I can do to improve performance over what the in-game options provide.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 eurotruckWho hasn’t dreamed of one day driving an 18 wheeler across Europe? Not me. Surprisingly this game is actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Just trying to keep the truck on the road is a challenge, never mind trying to back up to a loading dock. You can see how adept I am at this game in the screenshot as I calmly plow down the wrong lane of a road at 60 KPH into an oncoming semi.

Space Hulk Ascension hulkHonestly I have only played this game for a few minutes, but I have read really good things about it, and look forward to checking it out more. It’s sort of turn based tactical game from what I have gleaned so far. Works perfectly across 3 screens without any tweaking.

Nekro nekroThis screenshot doesn’t really do this game justice. It’s a fun sort of top down action game in which you use dark magic to conquer your enemies and consume their blood to increase your power. I’m confidant it’s unlike anything else you may have played. Game play can be a bit redundant, but it’s an odd title that is still being developed and worth a look.

NeonXSZ neonThis is another game I have not spent a lot of time playing. It’s a 3D spaceship flying game with easy controls and some pretty cool dog fighting type scenarios. The graphics are decent, it runs very smoothly, and it “just works” on all 3 screens without extra effort.

Serious Sam 3 SS3An older title but one that provides mind numbing waves of enemies to shred. It’s just good old shoot-anything-that-4moves fun. Be on the lookout for the guy in the screenshot, he may look like just a normal suicidal cyborg enemy whose hands were replaced with active bombs who runs directly toward you with all his buddies until close enough to detonate himself but … well actually that’s exactly what he is. And you really don’t have to look out for him since he screams at the top of his lungs from the moment he spawns to the moment he gives you a big hug.

Infinity Runner!infinity-runner/c1g7s runnerA runner style game with a sci-fi style and a twist. Not only must you jump, slide, and turn to stay alive, you also have to fight enemies occasionally. While running. I have not quite figured that part out yet, my strategy of mashing the keys randomly has not paid off. It’s also apparently really dark, which I did not realize until I uploaded that screenshot.

The Talos Principle talosA first person puzzler with nice graphics. I had to use windowed mode to get it to run on all screens, but performance is great even with everything maxed out. The graphics are Serious Sam-ish, but this is a puzzle game requiring problem-solving skills and not shoot-bad-guys-in-the-face skills. So far I’m enjoying it.

Ziggurat zigguratThis is a cool RPG/action first person shooter mash-up. The game play is extremely fast and furious. With a huge variety of upgrades, magical attacks, and bad guys to conquer, this is a fun game with better than good (but not quite great) graphics. The game play makes up for any graphical short fall in my opinion, and it is one of the more enjoyable titles on this list.

I really wanted to include Borderlands 2 and Left For Dead 2 on this post, unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to make them place nice with my setup. I still have some tricks up my sleeve left to try, so hopefully they will be on the next installment!