Welcome! My name is Jason Munro and this is my personal just-for-fun blog. I am a father, husband, software developer, Linux geek, hardware hacker, chronic organizer, occasional troll, and perpetual doubter. Before reading this blog please be aware that my punctuation; skills, are — bad. So is my high rate of spelling eroars. Also grammar I bad at.

Against all evidence to the contrary, and with my deepest apologies, I am also convinced that I am funny, and believe I should share this penchant for comedic writing with you. If super intelligent goats critiqued half-assed blogs from people who thought they were funny, they very well might write the following about this one:

“Absolutely horrid writing. I plan to stab myself in the head with a Jart repeatedly until I disable the part of my brain that allows me to read or until I die, whichever comes first.”

“If this blog was printed out on paper I would not eat it. I might not even eat the printer used to produce it, though I probably would.”

“Baaaaahhhhhhh it sucks”

“I read the whole thing then crapped the shredded remains of a tin can. I’m not sure which was more painful.”

“I thought it was sublime, but what the hell do I know I’m a goat.”

One thought on “About

  1. Hello,

    I have found your Blog through cypht.org.
    I was looking for a webmail system that would be secure and lightweight.

    I am going to run it on FreeBSD 10.3


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